The Ordrup Krat batteries

Over the years 1887 to 1888 the Ordrup Krat batteries were built.  The two batteries, the Eastern and the Western, were situated next to each other.

The Eastern Ordrup Krat Battery is now located at the Klampenborg racetrack. It was supposed to flank the Northern Floods together with the  Western Ordrup Krat Battery.
The shelling should primarily be done  with shapnells in order not to destroy the dams.

The concrete casemate buildings of both batteries were dug into the rear slope of existing hills in the terrain. This to avoid the batteries being visible to the enemy,

The two Ordrup Krat batteries were armed with four quick firing cannons each, probably 75 mm. They were mounted in caponieres in the throat, two on each side of the casemate building.
In addition to ammunition storages, the casemate buildings also accomodated the crew.

Protection of the floodings

Both batteries were installed at the southern end of the dams that regulated the water level in the Northern Flood. Since the batteries could only shoot along the flood, it was neccesary to build some short trenches on the northern side. Here are concrete foundation for some horse propelled armored turrets with 53 mm. machine cannons (Gruson Fahrpanzer). These were fordirect shelling of the dams.

The Mitrailleuse Battery

Between the two batteries, there are two concrete  machine gun positions (Ordrup Mitrallieuse battery). They were made to reinforce the trenches between the two batteries.

The Eastern Battery

The western Battery

Emplacements for the horse propelled armored turrets

The mitralleuse Battery