The editor of this site is Sören Östergaard, Denmark.

Søren Østergaard, Denmark,editor of the site http://Copenhagen Fortifications

Søren Østergaard

Special subjects:

– The Danish forts and fortresses  of the period prior to World War I.

– The First and Scond Danish-Prussian war 1848-1850 and 1864.

–  The Danish Coastal forts and the missile defence in the Cold  War.

30 years of Military History.

For over 30 years I have been interested in Danish military history.
Specially the period 1848 to 1920

I have delivered numerous lectures about the Fortifications of Copenhagen and delivered several articles and photos to both Danish and Scandinavian magazines and published 2 books on the subject.
Besides, I am editor of the site http://military-history-denmark.dk

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No Copyright

In my opinion, nobody should claim copyright on national history.
According to this, all Pictures of this site may be used freely, when referred to www.vestvolden.info or link to this site.
It is more important to me that the story is being told, than who is telling it.

Sören Östergaard, Denmark