The Coastal and the Sea Defense

As much political and public disagreement there was about the defense line, everybody recognized the necessity of the coastal and sea defense.
The importance of the Navy was never an item in the debate.

The coastal and sea defense around Copenhagen, ended up consisting of three  defense lines.

The Inner Defence Line:

Three old forts and rebuilded batteries along with three new constructions

The coastal Battery Kalkbrænderi Battery,

The sea fort Mellemfort

The sea fort Prøvestenen

Den Mid Defense Line

The coastal battery Charlottenlund Battery,

The sea fort Middelgrundsfort

The coastal battery Kastrup Battery.

On the southern and  northern flank

Two coastal batteries was constructed as part of the mid line.

The coastal battery Hvidøre

The coastal battery Avedøre

The Outer Defense Line

The coastal fort  Taarbækfort (also a land fort)

The sea fort Flakfort ,

The coastal battery Barakke Battery

The coastal battery  Saltholms Battery

The sea fort Dragør Fort,

The coastal battery Kongelunds Battery

The coastal battery Mosede Battery

(The major batteries are later, rather incorrectly, referred to af forts. Originally they are referred to as batteries).