The Dragör Fort

The Dragör Fort was built between 1910 and 1915 on an artificial island,
It is approx. 400 meters from the coast immediately south of the town of Dragör. The fort corresponds quite exactly to the Flak Fort.

Drawing of the fort

It is a partially casemate fort. The guns were mounted on open concrete emplacements.
The fort itself is surrounded by a wet moat and a pier that forms the perimeter of the artificial island.

Anti air craft 1939

The fort’s tasks were to prevent a hostile bombardment of Copenhagen, protect the mine barriers in the Drogden channel, prevent a hostile landing on the south coast of Amager and to prevent operations by enemy ships in the Drogdenrenden and the Flinterenden waters.
The main firing direction was south to southeast.

Originally the fort was equipped with

The Dragör Fort, 35,5 cm. cannon

35,5 cm cannon

4 pcs. 35.5 cm. haubits
4 pcs. 17 cm. howitzers,
4pcs. 120 mm. fast-firing steel cannon,
2 pcs. 75 mm. fast-firing steel cannon in pivotaffutage,
1 pc. 47 mm. cannon
a number of machine guns.

During the Cold War, 3 pieces 40 mm anti-aircraft guns were mounted at the Dragör fort.
In the 1980s, the fort was re-armed with 2pcs. of 76 mm anti-aircraft guns.

These remoddelings have erased many of the original embracements . Only the 17 cm.  emplacements and a pair of the 75 mm. gun emplacements are completely intact.
Most of the interior of the Fort is well kept as a hotel and restaurant.

The exterior
The interior