The Garderhöj Fort

The Garderhöj Fort was constructed during the years 1886-1892.
T&he building and the armament was financed by private fundings by the association ” den Frivillige selvbeskatning til forsvarets fremme” (The voluntary payment to benefice of the defence” shotly known as “Fædrelandets Forsvar” (The Defence of the nation).
It took 1,1 million kroners to build.

The only square shaped fort

The Garderhöj Fort was the largest of the constructions at the fortifications. As the only one it was square-shaped, opposite the other triangular forts.

The Garderhöj Fort was the only fort with its own infantry crew. Their barracks were placed in the outside of the moat.
The number of infantry was in peacetime 18 officers and 120 men, and at war 27 officers and 170 men.

The Garderhøj Fort was heavily armed

The fort was armed with 2 pcs. of long 15 cm. guns in one armored turret. The turret ower could not be raised or lowered.

It was flanked by 2 armoured disappearing turrets with a 53 mm. quick firing gun each.
In one line there were 2 armoured disappearing turrets with a 15 cm. gun each, 2 pcs. of 75 mm quick firing guns in disappearing turrets and 2 disappearing mitrailleuse turrets.
There also were 2 disappearing turrets for observation.

The defence of the moat consisted of 2 pcs. of 47 mm. guns and 9 pcs og 8 mm. mitrailleuses and 2 machineguns in two flanking positions (caponieres).

The Fort is still owned by the private association and has been restored during the years 2003 to 2013

The interior of the Garderhöj Fort is the best preserved of the Copenhagen forts.

The Exterior

The Interior of the Fort

The Interior of the Barracks

The Armored Turret

The other Turrets