The Caponieres

The caponieres in the moat of the western enceinte were rather special.

Caponiere 1920

They were situated for every 600 metres in the water of the fourteen kilometres long moat.
As for any caponiere, their task was to flank. In this care the moat.
The single caponiere was shooting into the back of the next, mening at fourteen kilometres long flanking,

The armament of the caponieres was one 75 mm quick firing cannon and two mitrailleuses. Form the rampart the caponiere was supported by a 9 mm. fieldgun.

The Caponiere inside

Where it was impossible to fire from one caponier to the next,
A few double caponiers were used, where the continous line couldn’t be obtained. This was the normal construction that was mirrored over the middle, making it possible for the caponoiere to fire in both directions.



The firing angle

Just before WW1, a blind angle behind the large caponieres was discovered. It was solved with a small extra caponiere firing backwards along the moat.
The was a small caponiere at each af the large ones. They was armed with two mashineguns and a floodlight.

To of the small caponieres were part of the 1888 enceinte. They were situated at the southern end of the moat, because there were no large caponiere here.
One of them is the only one on the enceinte that was supposed to firr in both directions. To the west anlng the moat and towards the Öresund beach in the east.

The Exterior
The Interior
The small flanking caponieres