The Lynetten Battery

The Lynetten battery was built in the years 1767-1780, but was not armed until 1848.

The Copenhagen fortifications, the Lynetten battery

The Lynettenbattery and the the Trekroner Fort

It is an open battery with a 50 meter long face as well as an eastern flank of 120 meters and a western flank of approx. 25 meters.
The battery is located on an older landfill and wooden bulwarks. On the north and northeast side it is protected by a stone glacier.
Between the Lynetten Fort  itself and The Revshale Island, there is a small harbor with concrete quays. The  depth allowed motor torpedo boats to use the harbor.

In 1864 the battery was staffed with a 165 men.

The brestwork was approx. 5 meters thick, internally reinforced with a one meter thick concrete wall.

The Lynetten Battery 1956, the Copenhagen fortifications

The Lynetten 1956

On the facade itself, there was four traverses with either ammunition magazines or accomodations built in. These are covered by 3 to 4 meters of soil and 3 to 4 meters of concrete.
The right flank ends in a 16 meter high traverse with an magazine with only one casemate. This was covered by approx. 2 meters concrete and 20 meters of soil.

The armament
29 cm. howitzers at the Lynetten Battery, Copenhagen

29 cm. howitzers at the Lynetten Battery

In 1911 the Lynetten Battery was equipped with:
4 pcs. of 29 cm. howitzers M/1891 on the right flank
4 pcs. of 15 cm. long steel cannon L / 30,  lined up with two on the left flank and two on the face
2 pcs. of 75 mm. quick firing steel cannon L / 30
3 pcs. of 47 mm. quick firing steel cannon L / 44 lined up with one on the left traverse and two on the eastern
flank outside the large traverse
2 pcs. of 8 mm. Two-barreled mitrailleuses
1 pcs. of 90 cm. floodlight
1 pcs. of 60 cm. floodlight
4 observation stations
Staffing approx. 180 men.

Efter 1959 the Lynetten battery became part of the air defense of Copenhagen with a 40 mm. AA battery.

The exterior
The interior