The Mosede fort

The Mosede Fort was a coastal battery, but also the left wing og the Tune stronghold. It was constructed in the period 1913 to 1916.

The Mosede Battery was the biggest concrete construction of the Tune Stronghold.
A massive coastal fort surrounded by a dry moat and protected by two caponieres.
The fort was planned already in 1908, and  carried out following the original plan, i.e.  a main fort at Mosede and a supportive battery by the Karlslunde moor.

75 mm anti aircraft gun at the Mosede Fort, Copenhagen fortifications

75 mm anti aircraft gun

The main armament of the Mosede Fort was six 12 cm. rapid firing howitzers, originally drawn up in two batteries north and south of the fort. The secondary guns were four 75 mm quick firing guns. The two at the west were mounted for air defense, bu t all four were able to shell the beach.

The defence of the fort itself consisted of 4 pcs. 8 mm Madsen recoil guns and 2 pcs. 37 mm Hotchkiss revolving canons.
For the defense of the front of the fort,  6 concrete machine gun posts were placed around the battery, each armed with 2 pcs. 8 mm. Madsen recoil guns with armor shield.

Finally the fort was equipped with two floodlights, a firing control post and an observation post.

In connection with the fort, four flanking bunkers were built at he beach.

The Exterior
The Interior 2011 (before the fort was renovated as a museum)
The flanking positions at the beach