The Fortun Fort

The building of the Fortun Fort began in 1891 and the fort became active on december 20’th 1892.

Copenhagen Fortifications, drawings of the Fortun Fort

Drawings of the Fortun Fort

Just prior to WW1, the generator room in the eastern part of the fort was installed.
In here there was a generator, meant to feed the newest military inventions: The Telegraph and the search lights.

The fort was armed with four 75 mm. quick firing guns in armoured disappearance turrets. Furthermore there was four 47 mm quick firing guns and twelve machineguns in the caponieres in the dry moat and the throat
The fort had a crew of 110 officers and enlisted men during WW1.

In 1920 the fort was decommissioned.

There are som marks from bullets in som of the steel shutters in the Fortun Fort.
They are from 1902, where the shutters were tested for their ability to withstand fire from small arms.
In 1902, several other buildings and forts were tested.

The exterior 2013

The interior 2009

The tested shutters