The Artillery Train

On the east side, and parallel to the rampart, the railway track to the artillery train was mounted. The track was originally built in connection with the construction for the transport of building materials.

Copenhagen-Fortifications The Enceinte track

The track 1920

The track stretched from Avedöre in the south,  along the military railway station in Bröndby to the depot in Rödovre. The enceinte track was connected to the main track Copenhagen / Roskilde.
The armed train was able to operate anywhere along the Copenhagen fortifications.

The Artillery train was equipped with 15 cm. French Canet M / 91 steel howitzers, with a range of approx.

Copenhagen-Fortifications. Canet gun on the Artillery train

The crew and The Canet gun

6500 meters. A total of 6 of these were purchased.
The ammunition were the Danish standard 15 cm.  ammunition.

There are no pictures of the locomotive pulling the train.
There were problems with the rails, which were of a very poor standard. The artillery train was therefore very rarely out to run with a connected locomotive.
During shooting drills, it has often been pushed by the crew.

Train carriage with artillery from the Copenhaven Fortifications

Train carriage