The Masnedö Fort

The Masnedö Fort was built in the years 1912 to 1915 along with the Grönsund Poasition.
The Grönsund Position consisted of the Borgsted Battery and the Haarbölle Battery. They were located on the southwestern part of the island of Mön, south of of Zealand.

The fort was armed with two 15 cm steel cannons M / 1888 in casemates, four 120 mm quick-firing steel cannons M / 1912, two 120 mm quick-firing steel Haubitzers M / 1914 in turrets , eleven 8 mm machineguns
M/1903, one 150 cm and one 90 cm floodlights in elevators with hand-operated hoist and a 30 cm. floodlight in the the caponiere in the dry moat.

Staffing 167 men and 25 men at stations outside the fort, for bearing measuring.

The Masnedö Fort had the following tasks:
– to protect the connection between Zealand and Falster
– to prevent enemy forces from crossing the narrow strait og the Storströmmen
– to prevent enemy intrusion into the strait of the Storstrømmen from the water at the Grönsund
– to support own forces in combat
– to protect the railway junction Vordingborg / Masnedsund

The Exterior
The Interior
The Accommodations