The Vangede Battery

The Vangede Battery was built during the years 1887 to 1888. It was supposed to protect the area from the southwestern edge of Lyngby to the Southern Flooding and the Gentofte Lake, and together with any later constructed field fortifications, provide support for the Garderhöj and the Lyngby forts.

The Vangede Battery, Copenhagen Fortifications


It was a socalled reduit, (small fort) with an casemate building in the middle and two open gun placements on each side. There were ammunition storage ind the casemates.

The whole battery was crescent-shaped (a lynette). The dry moat in front of the battery was 1-2 meters deep. As barbed wire was not common at the time, there was a ten meter wide belt with rose hip.

The casemate building had a caponiere in the throat, from which the throat could be shelled. On top of the casemate building were placed two armored disapperance towers with 8 mm machine guns for the close defense.

In addition to 4 large accomodation rooms, the casemate building contained ammunition storage, and a kitchen, etc.

The crew consisted of three officers, thirteen 13 non-commissioned officers and 100 privates.

In the two open batteries there was room for 9-10 pcs. 12 cm. cannons with a range of approx. 7 kilometers. There was a traverse for every 2 cannons. The line was raised approx. 2 meters above the ground.

The Vangede Battery was discontinued in 1920.

Only the northern part is visible in a public facility.