The Southern Front

The southern front at the island of Amager south-east of Copenhagen was  almost forgotten, despite the fact, that the short distance to the capitol nearby.

While the fortifications grew almost unrestrained north and west of Copenhagen, the island of Amager in the south was completely neglected.
The old moat and the ramparts (17th. century) at the Christianshavn became the line of defense in 1896.
At a time a fort in the middle of the island was discussed, but only to be bypassed.
The Southern front 1916
Not until the outbreak of the Worls War I, the construction of the Tömmerup Position was initiated, and the old ramparts of Christianshavn was reduced a security stronghold.
However, it was soon realized, that enemy forces rather easily could gain a foothold on Amager before entering into a serious battle with the Tömmerup Position.
At the same time, this was so close to the city that it could be bombarded across the stronghold.
In 1916, the Sydamager stronghold position was established on the coastline to the Öresund.
The Tömmerup stronghold, mainly dirt and timber constructions, now became the security line for the Sydamager stronghold.
To accommodate the crew og these strongholds, 5 camps were established on the Southern Front.